Burg personal Defense™ Classes

Clients Say:

I spent some time with Dan last weekend, and what I learned in ONE HOUR could save my life, if an unfortunate situation ever presents itself. Don't wait for something to happen before you invest in yourself and your safety! No matter your age / gender / fitness level, EVERYONE should know how to protect themselves! - Sarah S.

I just completed the self defense course. I learned so much in this intense interactive training. Coach Dan brought so much more awareness into my reality. We got to see first hand how application of these techniques is effective and possible.  I was skeptical, but when I was playing the attacker role and my partner used the technique that Coach Dan taught, I ended up on the ground despite my best efforts. This was at the hands of someone smaller than me.

This course could truly save your life.

    - Geri W



Led by 2nd degree black belt and Blauer Tactical Systems Certified Personal Defense Readiness (PDR) coach, Dan Miller, the Burg Fitness Personal Defense™  Course is a reality-based self-defense system, effective at preparing you for the real world. It’s easy to learn regardless of your previous experience

We're passionate about insuring that Burg Fitness members have the skills and abilities to protect themselves and their loved ones against a sudden, violent attack, which is why we've affiliated with Coach Blauer to offer his Personal Defense Readiness (PDR) methodology to Burg Fitness members. This specialty class is held weekly, so check the schedule for course dates and times. 

Prerequisites:  Burg Fitness Members must complete the Free Burg Personal Defense™ On-Ramp Seminar prior to registering and attending Burg Personal Defense™ classes.  The introductory seminar is a free 1-hour session and is held two times per month.  Note: This Seminar is not open to Drop-ins.

Contact Coach Dan (dan@burgfitness.com) for dates and times.

Unlike most self-defense systems that rely on strength, speed, and coordination, the Burg Personal Defense™ program uses the world renowned SPEAR System™ to build upon the functional movements you’re already performing at our studio. You’ll learn how to employ body position, technique, and timing, so regardless of age or athletic ability, you can make them work against larger opponents.

When you train with us in spear systemyou will learn:

  • Learn how to leverage Blauer Tactical Systems SPEAR methodology
  • How to reconnect with your intuition and instincts
  • How to recognize a fear spike and how to listen to it its signals and most importantly, how to manage fear
  • Simple, functional movements, based on how real people move that are congruent with your emotional and psychological state during a confrontation
  • That 80% of confrontations could have been avoided.
  • The Three D’s: How to to detect danger, how to defuse and de-escalate and, if push comes to shove, to defend.
  • A simple and practical system that’s congruent with your emotional psychological state during a confrontation..

The SPEAR system can be used by anyone looking for a simple and effective system of self protection.

The Blauer SPEAR System’s approach to self defense will reawaken your situational awareness and teach you a patented approach to identifying and managing fear; the program includes an effective verbal de-escalation system and the most raw and direct approach to personal defense using natural bio-mechanics.

Learn more on the SPEAR System:

Blauer Tactical Systems® research on the startle/flinch phenomena and its link to the survival system’s withdrawal reflex has spawned one of the most important evolutions in close quarter training: the SPEAR SystemTM, which utilizes the speed and reliability of the startle/flinch mechanism to convert the sudden attack into a tactical counter.

The SPEAR SYSTEM™ is considered the world’s first and only behaviorally-based close self-defense system. It is based on science, psychology and human bio-mechanics. It uses hard-wired reflexes to enhance personal defense by improving anyone’s ability to detect, intercept, and defend a sudden close quarter ambush.

The SPEAR System is not a martial art nor does it replace other martial art systems. SPEAR is the study of human movement as it relates to violence, fear and aggression.

Each session will be broken into several segments focusing on the psychology and motivation of attackers, primal responses to threatening situations, stances, kicks, strikes, blocks, immobilization techniques and technical self-defense skills, and then application of those skills in real life scenarios. Each session will review and build upon previous sessions.

In addition to technical self-defense skills, we will work on situational awareness, self-confidence, and “finding your voice”.

Don’t be a victim. Take control!

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