By Elisha Neubauer
At Burg Fitness, they place a focus on community. While they strive to encourage safe, healthy workouts, they aim to do so through unity -- a sense of commune which motivates, pushes, and advances your physical training while creating relationships you otherwise wouldn't have.

"Burg Fitness is a personal training and group cross-training studio," explains Vicki LeMay, personal trainer at Burg Fitness. "We don't have any open gym times available. Our goal when we opened was to create a motivational community for all fitness levels."

LeMay says having group classes and partner workouts allowed them to achieve this goal. "Having open gym times doesn't forge community and teamwork so we are currently staying away from that model," she says. "We have amazing clients and many have made new lifelong friends via our studio."

Despite this unique concept, Burg Fitness is extremely staid about what they do. "We are also very serious about our clients having good form and safe (but tough) workouts," says LeMay. "Guided fitness allows us to achieve this." The facility aims to provide classes which challenge clients?all clients, regardless of skill level- both mentally and physically.

"Our dream is to inspire them to take their fitness goals to a level they never thought possible and to realize that there are no limits to their potential," LeMay states. "We offer a free personal session to guide a client through a class if they are nervous and want to ensure they are ready!" She tells us that, at Burg Fitness, they want you to be to be proud of who you were when you started your fitness journey and to realize that there are no limits to your potential.

LeMay is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) who gave up the corporate world for the fitness industry and the chance to motivate others in a field she loves. "I have dedicated my life to helping others achieve and even exceed their personal fitness and health goals," states LeMay on her website. "I do this because I love it and I truly care about my clients' well-being. It's a passion, not a job."

In addition to LeMay is Dan Miller, self defense and kickboxing instructor; Stacey Lee, personal trainer; David Ambush, personal trainer and yoga instructor; and Steven Ashton, nutrition coach. All are highly trained in their specialized fields and equally as passionate about what they do and how they do it. "I love it here at Burg Fitness," states Stacey Lee. "We are a family and truly care about each and every member. Every person is different. Every person has their own goals and reasons for being here."

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