Class Descriptions

Beginner Bootcamp

Our Bootcamps are designed for MAXIMUM calorie burn in the shortest amount of time. We want to get you fit, get you healthy, challenge your mind, challenge your body, and most importantly MAKE FITNESS FUN!  Beginner bootcamp is a little slower paced for those that need a little extra time doing exercises or if you're new to the bootcamp experience.  Our goal is to have you take enough sessions to get you comfortable for our Burg Bootcamp!

Burg Bootcamp

No guts, no glory in this total body workout! This class incorporates circuits designed to enhance agility, speed, power, strength, and burn calories. You’ll move around the room to a number of different stations – each designed for a specific exercise. Check “lazy” at the door when you step into this workout. Boot Camp works you head to toe so you’ll be ready for anything life brings.

Burg Burn

Class starts with 15 challenging minutes of core strength conditioning focused on abdominal muscles, back muscles and hip flexors. Followed by 45 minutes of high intensity interval training that is scaled for ALL fitness levels. This will challenge your aerobic and anaerobic systems, stimulating your metabolism for over 24 hours to burn more calories and more fat. Tone & Burn with HIIT!

Heavy Bag Kickboxing

Our Heavy Bag kickboxing classes are the perfect fit for those looking for a physical challenge.  You’ll not only burn through calories at lightening speed, but you’ll improve your overall physical condition. With a taste of kickboxing and jab, hook and upper cut punches, our kickboxing workout will help you increase cardiovascular performance, strengthen muscles and increase coordination.  With no experience required and nothing to lose, there’s no need to wait any longer!  

Burg Self Defense

The Burg Fitness Self Defense Course™ is a reality-based self-defense system, effective at preparing you for the real world. It’s easy to learn regardless of your previous experience.  The course is 6 weeks (1.5 hours per week) and will cover self-defense techniques, including: situational awareness, striking, blocking, escapes, weapons defense, ground defense, and real life scenario training. 

Unlike most self-defense systems that rely on strength, speed, and coordination, the techniques in the Burg Fitness Self Defense program build upon the functional movements you’re already performing at the Burg Fitness studio. You’ll learn how to employ body position, technique, and timing, so regardless of age or athletic ability, you can make them work against larger opponents.  

Shredded Abs & Core

Standing functional core training is combined with floor ab exercises to give you a vigorous core strengthening experience.  We also work on your total core adding in back strengthening work! 

Tabata 20:30:40

This is the workout fitness experts (us) have been raving about. Tabata features 20 - 40 second intervals of extreme exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated multiple times. These bursts of intense work will torch calories and strengthen your entire body.  Tabata that!

Burg Strength

Our TRX Training challenges users with a fast-paced workout that combines TRX strength exercises with cardio drills. Timed sets will keep your heart rate pumping as you power through the reps at your own pace. The TRX Suspension Trainer workout system leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. You’re in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise – because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance.

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