Burg Fitness
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"Burg Fitness puts the 'personal' back into personal training. If you have specific fitness goals that you must achieve then the tough love found at Burg Fitness is the prescription for your success. Can't wait for the next grind!"

- Robert M

I love Burg Fitness. I just completed the self defense course. I learned so much in this intense interactive training. Coach Dan brought so much more awareness into my reality. I do feel that I am better prepared for dangerous situations. We got to see first hand how application of these techniques is effective and possible. Not every defense will work for every person, but we had the opportunity to practice each one and develop our own abilities. I was skeptical, but when I was playing the attacker role and my partner used the technique that Coach Dan taught, I ended up on the ground despite my best efforts. This was at the hands of someone smaller than me.

This course could truly save your life.

                                              - Geri W

"She's amazing. She really pushes me on my workouts but gives me great motivation to keep going. I have back and knee issues and she makes sure I keep good form to prevent injuries. I have always hated working out but this is the first time I have ever actual somewhat liked it! Although in dead when I'm done! I go three times a week and do cardio on my off days. She's the best!!!!!!!!"

- Allie D.


When I first came to Vicki, I was having a tough time staying motivated to continue working out on a regular basis. I always would start; last a few weeks and then just stop and return to my old habits. Training with Vicki revamped my whole attitude towards working out. I started to enjoy it, then even crave it. Vicki makes working out not just challenging for me, but fun as well. She has a great spirit and is always encouraging. Don’t get me wrong though, she pushes me when I need it but it’s worth it.  I always feel a natural high after each training session. I would recommend Vicki as a personal trainer to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, challenging and kick-butt trainer! She also helped me with my eating habits with tips and some yummy recipes.  She taught me that what I ate, contributed to the “diminishing returns” of our workouts.  Thanks Vicki! So grateful you are my personal fitness trainer.    - Barbara Bazos

Burg Fitness is amazing! If you love your body then you will join this training program. No jokes about's the real deal. ‪#‎BurgFitness‬

Cheryl Blankenship

I haven't found a better trainer than Vicki LeMay. Best five years ever.  Love her tough workouts they are ass-kickers !!!!! 

- Kelly Bruton

Vicki Lemay is a world class trainer. She gives 100% of her attention and focus and motivates her clients to reach their goals. I highly recommend working with Vicki At Burg Fitness if you are looking to work hard and turn your life around!"

- Danielle J.

Vicki, Thanks again for the shakes. Will try one in the morning. I have to tell you that I was anxious about working with a new trainer and have been researching trainers online since before my surgery. I was afraid of being judged or treated like a boot camp inductee! I'm so relieved and confident because I believe you can help me get back to my best me. Our time today went by quickly. I'm glad I kept researching until something felt right. Thank you!

-  Debbi M.

About four months ago, I carried quite a different head on my shoulders than I do today. I was not making positive lifestyle choices, which In turn compounded to an emotional paralysis and severe lack of accountability to myself. I was spiraling in the complacency of this toxic head space and knew I had to be proactive in regaining control. 
Through that decision, I was lucky enough to meet the one and only Vicki Lemay of Burg fitness, who agreed to take me on as a personal training client. Working with Vicki has been a pivotal turning point in my life. She has had such an integral role in building back lost confidence, strength, and endurance. Vicki continues to challenge me to not only reach my goals, but push my limits and exceed them. In a safe and judgement free environment, Vicki's genuine encouragement, contagious humor, and words of affirmation fuel motivation. 
There are no shortcuts in regaining one's control, strength or health. All that's needed is a willingness to take a giant leap and a commitment to work hard. From there, as she did for me, Burg Fitness's Vicki Lemay will challenge you both mentally and physically. All the while connecting to clients on an emotional and personal level.
Love Vicki LeMay. 
One of a kind.

- Sarah K.

Thank you to Vicki of Burg Fitness for kicking my fitness level up to a new high.  For those who think that getting older means  getting old, you need to try the benefits of working out, challenging yourself, and knowing that you can do more than you think you can.   Vicki provides positive reinforcement, pushes you without being abrasive, and concentrates 100% on making your workout have good results.  Having said that, she expects you to not waste her time and your money by not coming prepared to work.  Even on my most distracted and whiny days, Vicki can motivate me to set life aside and concentrate on me and my goal of being active for my whole life.  For those of us whose lives are insanely busy, the 45 minutes I can concentrate on me and getting healthy is a gift.  Thanks Vicki!

- Anne F.

I was skeptical of my mom starting to meet with a personal trainer because I have used them in the past. After my moms first few sessions, and seeing how she was progressing, I wanted to train with Vicki. It was the BEST thing I could have done. EVERY workout is planned specifically for me. She is fantastic and I would recommend her to anyone I know! Thank you Vicki for making me work hard to accomplish my goals!

- Brooke M.

When I got a return phone call from owner/trainer Vicki LeMay of Burg Fitness who knew she would become my lifeline, my coach, and my cheerleader! I was in a very sad, dark state of mind (grieving) when I decided to look for a personal trainer to help me out of my funk. 
Vicki is so dedicated to her clients. She is an expert at putting together just the right workout for each individual, she is flexible and always willing to work around my busy, crazy schedule. Her workouts are exciting, ever-changing, inspiring fun and tough. She encourages you to push through your doubts and fears and find strength you never thought you had.  She is motivating, supportive and in my opinion the BEST. With her help I know I can reach my goal! I  am so grateful to have found her 

- Kristen L.